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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Interesting things on Earth - no1

There 're so many beauty place, and so many unique things among us that we 've never known before. Today, I pleasantly present a new series of article named "interesting things on Earth" to everybody. In these series, we can be aware some of too many enjoyable things in the world, and I hope you to support me ^,..,^
our Earth

1. Which is the hottest place in the world?

If you guess that it's the Dead valley in California, you're wrong :D. I want to mention to El Azizia in Libya with a record of temperature of 57,8 C degrees on 13/9/1922 in comparison of the Dead valley of 56,6 C deg on 10/7/1913.

2. The coldest place in the world?
The lowest tem has ever been reported is -89 C deg in Vostok, South pole , on 21/7/1983

3.Which makes thunder?
The atmosphere above an ace is warmed to extremely hot, this process makes the atmosphere above the ace 5 times hotter than the tem of the Sun. This process also make the "shock wave" so we can hear the thunder.

4. How much dust that fall into the Earth's atmosphere each year ?
According to USGS, there's about at least 1000TON of dust from space fall into our Earth's atmosphere

5. Which is the highest waterfall in the world?
It's Angel fall in Venezuela form the height of 979m

6. The biggest volcano on the Earth?
It's Mauna Loa volcano in Hawaii with the height of 15.2 km form its bottom.

7. The highest mountain in the world?
It's Everest lying on Hymalaya, with the height of 8848m from the sea level. But I'd like to add that is a limping comparison when compare with the Olympus Mons in Mars, with a 26km height, it seem to break through the sky of Mars.

8. The wettest place in our Earth?
Lloro, Colombia has the average rain of 13m, 10 time more than New York or London.

(to be cont..)
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