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Interesting things on Earth - no2

9. What is the world's largest lake? The world's largest lake is the salty Caspian Sea at 143,200 square miles (370,886 km2). The Caspian Sea is surrounded by Russia, Azerbaijan, Iran, Turkmenistan, and Kazakhstan. The world's second largest lake, and the world's largest freshwater lake is North America's Lake Superior at 31,700 mi2 (82,103 km2). 10. What is the world's longest mountain? the answer is Mid-Atlantic, the mountain which was sunk deep at the bottom of Atlantic, it also separated the Southern Hemisphere and the Northern Hemisphere of the Earth 11. What is the deepest point in our Earth? It's the abyss of Mariana in Japanese's offshore bench with the depth of 10980m below the sea 12. The driest place in the world? It's the desert of Atacama in Chile with the average rainy of 0.76mm per year. With its rainy, we were taken a century to make a cup of coffee 13. What is the world's deepest lake? The Baikal lake in Siberi, Russia with the d

Interesting things on Earth - no1

There 're so many beauty place, and so many unique things among us that we 've never known before. Today, I pleasantly present a new series of article named "interesting things on Earth" to everybody. In these series, we can be aware some of too many enjoyable things in the world, and I hope you to support me ^,..,^ 1. Which is the hottest place in the world? If you guess that it's the Dead valley in California, you're wrong :D. I want to mention to El Azizia in Libya with a record of temperature of 57,8 C degrees on 13/9/1922 in comparison of the Dead valley of 56,6 C deg on 10/7/1913. 2. The coldest place in the world? The lowest tem has ever been reported is -89 C deg in Vostok, South pole , on 21/7/1983 3.Which makes thunder? The atmosphere above an ace is warmed to extremely hot, this process makes the atmosphere above the ace 5 times hotter than the tem of the Sun. This process also make the "shock wave" so we can hear the thunder. 4. How much

Woman - John Lennon

Messenger of Peace Rân ka nhạc cổ - số 5 Today, the 8th of August, we all sadly commemorate for 27 year since the death of John Lennon, the man who contributed to form the legendary fantastic4 - the Beatles. His music style also has a great influence on 60s, 70s Rock n Roll and many generation afterwards.