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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Under the chastity winter sunshine

mua dong dep
Autumn in Hanoi
Lunar eclipse in Hanoi
National Convention Center

just a little thought about Hanoi 's winter, so cold but also warm, so harsh but also chastity, so lonely but also sweet. let's find them...

Some undetermined thinking made me wander along the streets, then stopped at Hoan Kiem lake, the heart of peaceful Hanoi

photos by Nguyễn Trần Đức Anh, Vietnamnet

the shadow spreads long the street

early lights of winter

grandpa and granddaughter

the Western woman feeling Hanoi's winter

a romantic breakfast

swiftly agitated surface

the Lộc Vừng branch remains the few leaves

a female photographer

a couple within the twilight

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