National Convention Center

A moment of coming round the NCC (National Convention Center) 's so exciting. View some photos I took and enjoy our luxurious NCC ;)

Một vài bức ảnh e mới jật từ Trung tâm hội nghị Quốc gia còn nóng đei, mời ae xem ;)

the East sea's waves - sóng biển Đông

the eastern side - mặt fía Đông

the dome - mái vòm

with lights

next to the western side is a traditional space with a few temple, lake and some bridges..
..and the art of arrangement
nghệ thuật sắp đặt - n I wonder what it means?

taken from a wooden bridge

the Moon

a square lake outside

go inside
a big hall

stairway to conference room

a corner of Hanoi through the window

a bar

system of lights

special series: art fountain - đài phun nước, đẹp chả kém nhạc nước Tuần Châu ;))

with white lights

with blue lights

he, thx 4 visiting, see all soon ;)