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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Bài hát tặng em

eternal tears of sorrow sinner serenade
20. Ors man-Väinämöinen
19. Swan lake
18. Sleepless
Rân ka nhạc cổ số 21 presents:

em nào thích thỳ anh tặng cho bài hát này :)) little girl...

Album đầu tay của ETOS mang đậm chất traditional Doom trong phong cách melodeath của họ, mềnh rất khoái. Giản dị mà sâu lắng, bass và rhythm làm nền cho electric lead...

Tặng cho em nào thích ;))

Empty eyes
Eternal Tears of sorrow
Album : Sinner's serenade - 1997

A little girl, almost a woman
So pretty, so young
Sweet dress, shining hair
Dancing alone above the meadow

Smile on her divine face
Red lips and green eyes

The most beautiful creature
That mortals have ever seen

But her eyes were empty like a well that has run dry

The mad child is dancing her endless dance at night

Dancing to her death, to the dark open grave

Knowing nothing about her own destiny

One soul has gone
Lost in somewhere
The young mind has fallen
Into misery
Hey little girl
What is in your mind?
Can't you stop this dance you're dancing in the night?


The morning has come
Before our eyes
The young beauty lying
Under the godless sky

The mad child is sleeping
Her empty sleep
And finally leaves
To eternity

eternal tears of sorrow

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