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Friday, January 23, 2009

Wishlist for new year

Hanoi-a sleepless night
Vernese of the Orient
Dư âm

for the next Lunar new year Kỷ Sửu, I wish...

I wish :
  • ev'ryone on Earth together to get over the world economic crisis

  • the Judaist and the Muslim can live together in peace (maybe "could live")

  • the Iraqi and the Afghanistani to live with no more bombs and weapons

  • to stop all the civil wars on Africa immediately so that children can go to school, people can approach the medical care

  • to end the political crisis in Thailand, and the terrorist in the south

  • all the people, all the countries together to surmount the world climate change, for a best environment n life

  • people to achieve more success in science, new fuel, new materials, new energy, in processing medicines to cure cancers, flu, AIDS..., in discovering space n universe, stars n planets

  • the Chinese and the Vietnamese can live in peace together (could live:)))

  • at last, I wish all of u, my friends, have a new year with best success, health, n happiness

    các bạn thấy mềnh có vãi lúa ko :))

    đei, mừng tuổi các ae đei, mỗi thằng 1 fát, khỏi tranh nhau

    các bạn thấy đéi, mềnh là ng có trái tim VĨ ĐẠI :))

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