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For everyone to love astronomy and space ship, some photos captured from Kennedy center were the last launching space shuttle by NASA this year...

Luckily for all men attended Florida can observe this event, I wish to be there to enjoy even once in my life a space ship to be launch to the sky :((

Endeavour and its rocket are being moved to launching platform at Kennedy center - Florida

the Moon hanging above Endeavour


in this mission, Endeavour carried some modern equipments for ISS to improve its effective activities, and upgrade its carrying ability to 6 astronauts instead of currently 3 ( including a new toilet module)

aircrew : Eric Boe, Donald Pettit, Shane Kimbrough, Sandra Magnus, Heidemarie Stefanyshyn-Piper, Steve Bowen and Chris Ferguson (captain).

Photos by Reuters


  1. Bao giờ VN mình mới tự phóng đc 1 phát như thế này nhỉ :))

  2. Tự nhiên phang 1 đống english :|


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